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The Revere Journal
Revere, Mass.
November 1, 2006

The 30-year Sass Reunion tour is alive and well and now headed to Boston to play at the Paradise Rock Club.

It was 30 years ago in 1976 when the band played their first gig at Revere Stadium. This Saturday, November 4, the Revere band will play the Paradise on Commonwealth Avenue in Boston.

Sass is playing as part of the International Pop Overthrow Festival, which is now in Boston.

Said band member Vernon West, "Sass played power pop long before it was called anything other than rock. Apparently, the youth of today are rediscovering some of our music. Sass is back."

The band is made up of Vernon West, Dana West, Gary Cioffi and Chuck Vitale. For more information log onto

The Revere Journal
Revere, Mass.
October 18, 1995

By Dave Precopio, News Staff

One of the things that left the greatest impression on members of the band was the fine craftsmanship omnipresent in much of Europe.

Another remarkable notion? The value placed on language on the old continent.

Incidentally, the band, Sass (known as West during this time), got to play some rock-and-roll, too. And what a special performance it was.

Sass, which has Revere roots and a loyal Beach City following, played a one-hour set this past August at "In Guitar", a music festival organized by Ober Muhle in Dubendorf, Switzerland.

If the festival was a feast for the ear, the entire trip to Europe was, according to Vernon West, a banquet for the eye.

It fed the soul, too.

"You come out of there thinking that dreams are nothing more than the opportunity to do a lot of work and you either take that challenge and work hard and realize your dreams or you give up and complain that everything stinks," said guitarist and singer Vernon West.

The invitation-only festival - the brainchild of organizer Phillippe Rey, who accepted the challenge, worked hard and realized his dream - is a celebration of the guitar.

Comprised this year of artists from the US, England, Austria, Spain, France, Argentina, Russia, and the host country, the festival featured not only rock, but also flamenco, classical music, Cajun, rock, blues, folk music and jazz.

The artists developed a fraternal sense.

"We all kind of hung out together," West said of the global community of music makers that performed in the Curling Hall. "It was a really great experience for everyone involved."

Sass, made up of Vernon, his brother Dana, keyboardist Chuck Vitale and drummer Mark Hylander, came away amazed at how Rey translated his passion into reality.

"He does it all practically himself," Vernon West said. "It's a dream of his. He selects bands based on…if you're successful or not, it doesn't matter to him. It matters what he thinks of your music. Is it honest?"

In the positive and upbeat lyrics, driving tempos and heavy ballads of Sass, Rey found honesty.

"It was an affirmation, a certain sense of recognition, for the heart and soul we put into what we do," Vernon West said.

The band's appearance in Switzerland followed its decision to focus on original music, closing the chapter of its collective life as a cover band.

But the band will always remain loyal to its devoted Revere following, West said, noting the enthusiasm felt from countless gigs in Revere Beach lounges that have helped inspire Sass through all the years.

A CD released last winter, "Sass to West", (Sass was the band's original name when it was formed by then-Revere High Students Vernon and Dana), bridged the gap from the early days to today. The release highlighted an uplifting message - that experience makes you sadder but wiser but can bring you out okay in the end, that redemption is possible, that love and family are important. New songs now being written, Vernon West said, will have the same themes.

The musicians found some time to see the sights.

Among the most striking features of Switzerland and Italy, West said, are the history that is everywhere, the cleanliness and the pride people have in their work, and the value they place on language.

West was particularly struck with a cathedral that took hundreds of years to build, and a sidewalk inlaid with small tiles, like a mural, projects that generation upon generation of laborers must have worked on without ever seeing a completed product.

And the band stayed at Wintergen in a 1,000-year-old monastery overlooking a river.

"You get the feeling about how young America is," Vernon West said, "We're really like infants compared to the rest of the world.

"You can go in the train station and the floor is polished…the thing I was absolutely thrown by is the workmanship."

New England Performer
December 1994
Reviewer: A. J. Wachtel
Sass To West
(Reformation Records)
*** ½
Produced by Vernon West & John Carden.
Engineered by Vernon West, Dana West, Chuck Vitale.
Recorded at Breakwater Estate.

West, formerly Sass, is a guitar-driven power-pop rock band with metal influences and country-rock influences. Sorta like Metallica meets FarrenHeit meets The Outlaws, and the result is a strong nineteen-song CD that showcases their strength of hook- laden songwriting and arena rock anthems that would probably be best enjoyed outside on a beautiful, sunny day at earth-shattering volume levels. Although there are no clinkers here, my favorite radio-friendly tunes include “Radio,” “Treat Me Right,” “Just Like An Angel,” and “Dream Away,” where the band performs with reckless abandon and leaves the listener quite satisfied.
The production is clean and with an emphasis on loud bass, and crashing cymbals, ringing power chords, and striking vocals. Where can we catch these guys live?

February 22, 1979
Reviewer: Thomas Sabulis

It seems paradoxical to call rock 'n' roll traditional. But if the adjective means intelligent and comprehensible lyrics, fluent
melodies, incisive guitar leads and cross harmonies, then one presumes Sass could be called traditional.
It's a little more rock than mainstream pop; a little more pop than hard rock. "Our music has to keep us from becoming bored," says bassist, lyricist, and vocalist Vernon West, "and we're particular about it." West leads the band along with his younger brother, Dana, who writes most of the music. Danny Keyes and Mark Tyme play keyboards and drums, respectively.

The songs are short, semi-sweet and accessible to a wide audience. The West brothers, alumni of Revere High School, harmonize in distinct parallel octaves; switch off regularly during songs andrivet their shows with rakish interplay that Keyes and Tyme offset expertly.

Reporter: Borat Sagdiyev

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