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Friday January 12, 2007



Fri. Dec. 1, 2006

Sass are pleased to announce that, for those of you who attended the reunion show at the Paradise on Nov. 4, and for those of you who were unable to attend, and also for those of you who couldn't care less but are curious nonetheless, there are now PHOTOGRAPHS of the newly reborn SASS up on the Photos Page in the Sass Photo Machine! Yes, at last you will get to see the Dorian Gray-like re-emergence of the original Sass in all their gloriousness at the International Pop Overthrow Festival at the Paradise Lounge in Boston on Nov. 4! Brand new, never-before-seen images captured on camera by photographer Kathy Boyce, can now be seen by clicking here! These are the very first published photographs of the new 2006-model Sass, and are likely to thrill, shock, and amaze all longtime fans of the boys from Revere! Hold your breath, be prepared, and go have a look NOW! (And don't say we didn't warn you!)

Friday Dec. 1, 2006
- SEE SASS VIDEOS NOW!! and Sass are very pleased to announce the Grand Opening of the new SASS DRIVE-IN THEATER, which is located on the VIDEO page! Pack up your Chrysler, hop in your Chevy and drive on over to the all-season SASS DRIVE-IN THEATER, where you can see all things SASS all-year 'round! The theater will feature Sass videos seen and unseen, TV performances from the Golden Age, live show performances, new videos, and anything else that turns up! First up in our double feature is the classic 1980's video from the days when Sass was West, called "Good Times", and this is the six-minute extended version of the song which appears on the "Sass To West" CD. It's been specially prepared for its screening at the Sass Drive-In, and is slightly different than the one that you may have seen elsewhere. Then, the big news is, that for the first time on the Internet, and for the first time since it was originally aired in March 1979, Sass's legendary appearance on WGBH-TV Boston's "The Club" show is being shown in its entirety, in two easily digestible parts! If you remember seeing this show back in 1979, you will remember that Vernon and Dana and the Sass boys perform a number of songs absolutely live in the studio, with an audience, and are also interviewed by the show's host! Just click HERE now to check out these World Premiere videos at the extraordinarily comfortable SASS DRIVE-IN THEATER!! You don't have to worry about the weather - the temperature is always just right! And don't forget your popcorn!

Friday Dec. 1, 2006
COMING JAN. 12, 2007!

As previously announced on the LIVE page, SASS will be performing their first live show of the New Year at Tequila's Bar & Grill, Danvers, Massachusetts, on Friday night, January 12, 2007! Be sure to come out and join Vernon, Dana, Chuck, and Gary for their first-ever Sass-headlining reunion show, where they will play an entire set or two of their own, showcasing all the classic Sass hits, as well as new material and some surprises! This will prove to be a fast-seller, so be sure to get your tickets early to assure yourself of a spot in the crowd when Sass bring on the full power and turn up the heat with a thunderous blast of impassioned rock and roll! All the information you desire about this gig can be found on the LIVE page! Start submitting your requests NOW! The Paradise was the appetizer - Tequila's is the MAIN COURSE for a full bellyful of Sass!!

Saturday Nov. 4, 2006

Sass are proud to announce the debut of their new website on the worldwide web as of today. The new site replaces the previous website known as Sass To West, and features everything you always wanted to know about Sass and everything you could possibly want. Or, at least the start of all that! It is still fresh out of the womb, and will require loving care and attention from all Sass-lovers in order to develop and grow into a healthy, thriving entity. The new website, designed by Creative Flair in the UK, will feature all the things you would expect from a Sass website and much more! There is plenty of music to listen to, and there will be even more photos coming, and videos are on the way right here on the site! So take a moment to travel through the pages of Sass World and see what you can find. And when you're done, you are welcome to leave a message or comment in the Guestbook. And you can even join the Mailing List to get all the latest news and gossip delivered right there into your own mailbox! Sass would love to hear what you have to say! And now without further adieu, welcome to the brand new first-ever Sass website, and have a great time as you journey through its pages.

Best Wishes from Vernon, Dana, Chuck & Gary

Saturday Nov. 4, 2006

Sass will kick-off their 30th-year Sass Reunion at The Paradise in Boston tonight, and there really is no better place for the Return of Sass to begin! Sass will be performing at 11:00PM as part of the fourth annual International Pop Overthrow Festival, a festival renowned the world over for its showcasing of power pop and melodic rock bands and artists. The festivities begin at 8:00PM when the evening starts with the first of eight acts, Mitch Linker, followed by five more rockin' bands until Sass takes the stage at 11:00PM! As if that was not enough, following Sass will be a performance by the one and only Rock E. Rollins, also known as Sal Baglio of The Stompers! So be sure to get there early enough to experience the return of Sass from a vantage point of your own choosing. Tickets are available at the box office on the night of the show only, so be sure to grab some up before they sell out! The Sass line-up will consist of, as always, Vernon West on bass and vocals, Dana West on guitar and vocals, Chuck Vitale on keys & guitars, and Gary Cioffi on drums. It certainly looks to be a night to remember! Be there and get Sassed!

Saturday Nov. 4, 2006

Sass are very pleased to announce the release of not one, but TWO new CD's, "The Best of Sass: Authorized Bootleg, Disk 1", and "The Best of Sass: Authorized Bootleg, Disk 2". These CD's feature all the songs from the Sass back catalogue that have been requested through the years by Sass fans, including the original 1979 hit version of "Radio". There are 25 tracks between the two CD's, and they are available now to purchase right here on this website, as well as on online music store, CD Baby. See the Music Page and the Store Page for more details!

Saturday Nov. 4, 2006

Sass have revealed plans for an ambitious new project called "The Psychedelic Circus", which Vernon has described as "Sass's Sgt. Pepper, or Tommy, or Dark Side of the Moon". Vernon insists that "it promises to blow your mind without the use of hallucinogens". More details to be announced soon.

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