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01. Radio
02. Johnny Beat The Big Machine
03. Now She's Free
04. Closer & Closer
05. Treat Me Right
06. Ghost In The Shadows
07. Good Times
08. Life Goes On & On
09. It's All Right To Me *
10. Oh Girl
11. Summer's Comin'
12. Take It Easy
13. Night Seems Forever
14. Rampage
15. Can't Stop The World **
16. World War III **
17. Make It Tonight **
18. Autumn Leaves *
19. Little Drummer Boy
20. Radio (1979) *
All Tracks from the CD "Sass To West", except * from "Best of Sass Disk 1" and ** from "Best of Sass Disk 2"


"Out of The Ashes" (1989) The first CD release by Sass, an EP with six tracks telling their story of survival and rebirth, featuring "Miracles" and "Carry Me Back".
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"Sass To West" (1995) a 19-track compilation containing the best Sass hits from 1979-1985 and 9 newer tracks recorded under the name West. Features a new version of "Radio", and the Christmas favorite, "Little Drummer Boy."
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"Best of Sass Disk 1: An Authorized Bootleg" (2006) A 13-track compilation featuring rare and previously unreleased Sass tracks from the vaults, including the original 45 hit versions of "Radio" and "Treat Me Right", plus one of the earliest Sass recordings, "Autumn Leaves" from 1976.
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"Best of Sass Disk 2: An Authorized Bootleg" (2006) A 12-track compilation featuring more rare and previously unreleased Sass tracks from the archives, including an alternate version of "Good Times", "World War III", plus live radio & TV broadcasts, demos, and rare studio recordings.
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"Live At The Rat" (2006) featuring the entire performance of Sass at the Rat on the night the song chosen for the record was recorded. Coming soon.....
(temporary artwork)
"Sass: The Lost Roulette Recordings" (2006) featuring never-before-heard songs that disappeared and were thought to be lost forever. Coming soon.....
(temporary artwork)

LP's (33 rpm Vinyl)
"Live At The Rat" (1976 Rat Records), a 2-disc compilation of Boston bands who played at the famous Rat nightclub, featuring the track " Rockin' In The USA " by Sass, their first-ever appearance on vinyl. This is the very original line-up of Sass featuring Vernon West, Dana West and Paul Caruso.
"Out of the Ashes" (1989) (Released on LP/Cassette/CD) (see above)
image coming soon!

Singles (45 rpm Vinyl)
"Radio" / "Treat Me Right" (1979 Roulette Records)
(songs are now available on "Best of Sass: Disk 1")
(image imagined)

CD Track Lists


1. Radio
2. Closer & Closer
3. Now She's Free
4. Oh Girl
5. Treat Me Right
6. Summer's Coming
7. Johnny Beat the Big Machine
8. Ghost In The Shadows
9. Just Like An Angel
10.Rivers of Light

11.Good Times
12.Life Goes On & On
13.Take It Easy
14.Night Seems Forever
15.Dream Away
17.Feels Like Dying
18.Killer Storm
19.Little Drummer Boy


1. Miracles
2. Carry Me Back
3. Heaven's Rain
4. Everything Is Nothing
5. Dear Heart
6. Bringing Down The Fire


1. Just Give Me Some Peace
2. Radio (1979 Radio Hit)
3. Lisa (1979 Radio Hit)
4. Autumn Leaves (1976)
5. Ecstasy (Live Radio Broadcast)
6. It's All Right To Me
7. Breakaway (1979 version)
8. Rampage (The First Recording)

9. Dear Heart (From Bluejay Recordings)
10.Problem Child (Newbury Sound Recordings)
11.Far Far Away (From Euphoria Sessions)
12.Mind Control (Power Plant, NY)
13.Treat Me Right (1979 Radio Hit)


1. Slow Down (Live WCOZ Broadcast/Beatles cover)
2. My Memories (Newbury Sound Recording)
3. True Confessions (Song Demo)
4. Wonderland (Live Broadcast)
5. Make It Tonight (Euphoria Sessions)
6. So Sad (Bay Farm Studios with Paul)

7. Good Times (From the Video)
8. Can't Stop The World (from Euphoria Broadcast)
9. No Communication (Bay Farm with Paul)
10.Airborne (Live Recording)
11.Mystery Girl (Channel 68 Broadcast)
12.World War III (from Euphoria Broadcast)

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